Inspirational Speaker – Michigan & Beyond


It has been my discovery that people talk to their perceived weaknesses and not their strengths. When we focus on what is right and not what is wrong we are able to reinvent our lives. Reinvent yourself to create the life you desire and learn to “express yourself enthusiastically.”

The following programs will help release more of our potential.

Programs Include:

  • DiSC – Personal Profile: Communicate With Style       
  • DiSC can help employees at all levels:

» Understand their own behavior
» Learn how and when to adapt their behavior
» Improve communication
» Promote appreciation of differences
» Enhance individual and team performance
» Reduce conflict

  • Learning Outcomes:

» Pinpoint one of four style preferences
» Discover how style affects behavior
» Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each style
» Learn how to interact with different style

  • Think On Your Feet
    • Creating effective communication: speaking, thinking, & listening
    • Designing your 30 to 60 second personal commercial
    • Learning the PREP formula and the Slight Edge Technique
    • Benefits of the  Slight Edge Technique (SET) include:
      •     1. You will expand your consciousness.
      •     2. You will clarify your thoughts and thereby your goals.
      •     3. You will remove the obstructions that have limited you in
      •         the past.
      •     4. You will realize the presence of a  creative spirit within.
  • Possibilities Beyond Circumstances
    • What is possible for you? How do you want your life to be.
    • Reinvent Your Life
  • The Power of the Spoken Word

                 Speaking Your world into existence
                 Guard your language
                 Hold Back words versus Move Forward words